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 Welcome to our class page! This is where you will find out any information you may need, including newsletters, home learning and spellings. You can also take a look at all the wonderful and exciting things happening in Class 2. 

Myself and Mrs Smith are really excited about the year ahead! My door is always open if you ever have any questions, worries, concerns or suggestions - please do not hesitate to ask. 

Thank you for your support

Miss Sheppard


Summer 1

Where The Wild Things Are


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Our new topic this half term is ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. Class 2 have already enjoyed the fantastic story by Maurice Sendak and have also enjoyed watching the film! During our WOW day, the children came up with some wonderful questions that they would like to find out the answer to during our learning this half term! Well done to all the children that dressed up and brought in fabulous home learning!

The children have already learnt all about the different parts of a plant and are in the middle of writing all about a plants life cycle! Keep checking back for photos!


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 Autumn 2

Christianity and Judaism

This half term we are learning all about Christianity and Judaism!
 To kick start our topic we had a lovely morning at Woodsetts Church! Whilst we were there we were able to explore the church and learn all about the different parts. Following this, we spent the afternoon back at school and were joined by Anston Brook! We were very lucky to have 'Open the Book' pay us a visit, who told us lots about Christianity and Judaism. During the afternoon we sang songs, did a dance, and did lots of wonderful crafts, including making a menorah and the star of David.

Thank you to all at St George's church for a fantastic day :) Take a look at some photos below!

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 Autumn 1

Robin Hood

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday! For our first topic in year 2, we will be starting to learn all about Heroes and Villains and will base most of our learning on the famous Robin Hood! We began our topic by sharing our fantastic home learning and thinking of lots of amazing questions that we would like to find out the answer to during our learning this half term! The children have already began to write the story of Robin Hood after planning on story mountains and are doing a fabulous job :)

We are also very excited about our trip to Sherwood Forest where we are hoping to meet Robin Hood and will be visiting Robin Hood’s Major Oak tree!  

Please look through some of our photos from our fabulous trip below! 

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Spellings for all not on RWI - To be tested 13.04.18 








Don't forget to think of mystery words!



Home Learning 

Each week a maths, grammar or spelling homework will be set on active learn website, relating where possible, to the unit of work we have been learning about that week. An activity grid will also be sent out at the end of each half term ready for the next topic.

Your usernames and passwords are in your home school diary.

School code - mrtn

Remember to read 3 x per week :)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email. 

Thank you,

Miss Sheppard & Mrs Smith :)




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                 Year 2 Topic overview

Please note: there may be amendments, for example, due to time constraints or visits being fully booked/too costly.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Topic Title

Heroes and Villains

(Robin Hood)

Follow the Leader!

(Jesus and Moses)

National Health Service

Treasure Island

(Captain Cook)

Where the Wild Things Are

Castles and Knights

Possible Visit & Magic Moments

Sherwood Forest, Nottingham


Visitor from synagogue

Thackray Medical Musuem, Leeds


Canon Hall Farm, Barnsley

Knaresborough Castle

Meet Robin Hood

Visit a church

Decorate an Easter egg

Help a wounded soldier in a Crimean hospital


Make a mini habitat

Make a puppet

Visit a castle

Visit a witch’s cave

Make a wish in a wishing well






Plants & Animals




Robin Hood

Sheriff of Nottingham

Maid Marian

Little John

Friar Tuck

Guy of Gisbourne




St Paul

Mother Teresa


Florence Nightingale

Mary Seacole

Louis Pasteur

Great Plague of London

Jamie Oliver’s Projects

Captain Cook

Tall Ships Races


William the Conqueror

Battle of Hastings

Henry II

Thomas Beckett

Murder in the Cathedral

Mother Shipton

Elizabeth II

Present Royal Family


Nottingham Forest Ordnance Survey map

Israel, Egypt & Bible places

Countries – other health services

Where food comes from

Whitby & New Zealand/Tahiti/Hawaii

Antarctic & Equator


UK countries and cities



1) Programming on screen.

2) Exploring how computer games work 3) Taking better photos. 4) Researching a topic. 5) Collecting clues. 6) Collecting data about bugs.


Medieval dress

Fabergé (eggs)

Degas (dancers paintings)

Giacometti (human form sculptures)

Harland and Wolff ‘Titanic’

Gaugin (Tahiti paintings)

Gainsborough & Constable (English countryside landscapes)

Heckel (landscapes)

Bayeux Tapestry


Robin Hood


Soundtrack composition

Easter hymns

Handel ‘Messiah’

‘Hot Cross Buns’ on recorder

Polly Had a Dolly

Gym music composition

Sea shanties

Sea shanty composition

Rule Britannia

Handel ‘Water Music’

Old MacDonald

Saint-Saens ‘Carnival of the Animals’

Rimsky-Korsakov ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’

Animal composition

Humpty Dumpty

The Grand Old Duke of York

National Anthem(s)



Why are some People Leaders?

Where do Jews and Christians Belong? Where do I Belong?

Symbols of Easter?

Why are some People Leaders?

Questions About God


Creation and Thanksgiving

Stories About Jesus Being Fair


The Caring School

Keeping Myself Safe

The World of Drugs

Feelings and Relationships

Differences: Male and Female

Feelings and Relationships

Differences: Male and Female


Growing and Changing

Healthy Life

Differences: Boys and Girls

Me, My Community and My Environment

Focus on Outdoors

SRE – Naming the Body Parts


Suggested Books

The Adventures of Robin Hood – Marcia Williams

The Lion, the Unicorn and Me – Jeanette Winterson (Christmas story through donkey’s eyes)

Bible Stories

The Jade Boy – Kate Cain

Florence Nightingale – Shannon Zernlicka

Oliver and the Seawigs – Phillip Reeve

Pirates ‘n’ Pistols: Ten Swashbuckling Pirate Tales – Chris Moulds

Treasure Island (Children’s Classics) – Robert Louis Stevenson

Harry and the Jaggedy Daggers – Jan Fearnley

Small Knight and George and the Pirates – Ronda Armitage

The Night Pirates – Peter Harris

The Sheep-Pig – Dick King-Smith

Charlotte’s Web –  E B White

The Parade – A Stampede of Stories About Ananse the Trickster Spider – KP Kojo

Nat Fantastic and the Brave Knights of Old – Giles Andreae

The Witches – Roald Dahl

The Worst Witch – Jill Murphy

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – C S Lewis


2)Exploring how computer games work.