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Welcome to our class page. This is where you will find out any information you need including newsletters and home learning. We will also keep you up to date with all the exciting things we are learning about in class 1.

If you ever have an questions or worries please do not hestitate to ask, my door is always open! 

Thank you for your support

Mrs Ellis

Spring 2

Katie Morag

I hope you have all had an enjoyable half term. This half term our topic will be 'Katie Morag'. Class 1 will be embarking on a Scottish adventure as they explore the history of tartan, the joys of doing a Ceilidh and what it is like to live in Scotland. We will be looking at the geography of the UK and what key features can be found in different places. The children will be finding out about the different characters from the Katie Morag books and they will develop also their letter writing skills in literacy. In Maths we wll continue to look at telling the time and meausurement in addition to exploring multiplication, numbers to 100 and our 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Below is a copy of the holiday homework. Please bring in any of the work you produce to share on our immersion days. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone dressed in tartan too!

Spring 1

Mother Nature

I hope you all had an exciting Christmas break. Our new topic this half term is 'Mother Nature' and during the first two days back at school the children can come dressed up ready for our theme....think green, leaves, plants and gardens! We have lots of exciting activities planned including making and growing beanstalks for Jack, exploring what makes plants grow and creating our own edible plant pictures (using fruit and vegetables).  During this half term the children will be looking at and recreating the work of famous artisits and composers that were inspired by the beauty of nature. They will also find out about how plants grow and the different seasons that are experienced in this country.

In week 2 we will be taking part in STEM week using science, technology, engineering and maths to see who can build the tallest beanstalk for Jack.  We will also be visited by some inspirational people who will introduce the children to the exciting opportunities that STEM can offer them.

On Wednesday 31st January we will be visiting Anston Stones to experince the outdoors; playing hide and seek in the woods, exploring plants and trees and taking part in a mini-beast scavenger hunt.

Autumn 2

Fire! Fire!

I hope you have all had an enjoyable half term break.  During our first two days back at school we will be having immersion days (Mon 6th Nov & Tues 7th Nov) to introduce the children to our new topic 'Fire! Fire!' and they are welcome to come into school dressed as firefighters. We will also be sharing and celebrating all the fantastic things the children have made for their holiday homework. 

We will begin our topic by learning about a very important event in British history; 'The Great Fire of London'. On Friday 24th November the children will be travelling back in time when a visitor from the past, Sir William Petty, will come into school to give the children his eye witness account of what happened in 1666 on Pudding Lane. We will also be learning about the history of the fire service and the importance of fire saftey and protection as the children will be involved in a huge variety of investigative and creative fire related activities.


 Autumn 1

All About Me


I hope you have had an amazing Summer holiday. The first few days back in school we have been spending time getting to know our new classroom, as well as getting to know each other and learning about the rules and routines of Class 1.

Our first topic is called 'All About Me' within this topic we will learn all about ourselves, our families and our bodies.  We will become healthy heroes and explore how we use our senses to discover the world around us. We have an exciting trip to Eureka to look forward to, on Tuesday 10th October, where we will learn even more about ourselves and the world around us.

We all had a fantastic time at Eureka and we found out so many exciting facts about how our bodies work! Did you know that the human brain weighs the same as 12 bananas or that the tallest man in the world had size 18 feet? 



All Y1 children will be issued with 5 weekly spellings from their RWI teachers on Fridays. These spellings will be tested on the following Friday in their RWI groups. In addition to this children will be given an extra 5 tricky words to learn (reading and spelling) as part of their home learning. These tricky words will be tested in class.

Below is a list of the 104 tricky words that Y1 children are expected to learn during the academic year:

Word Read Spell Word Read Spell
the     our    
a     and    
do     from    
to     in    
today     into    
of     two    
said     too    
says     as    
are     have    
were     her    
was     all    
is     little    
his     down    
has     out    
I     about    
you     want    
your     what    
they     why    
be     when    
he     over    
she     open    
we     blue    
no     for    
go     four    
so     call    
by     give    
my     live    
here     walk    
there     talk    
where     don’t    
love     these    
come     those    
some     very    
one     nice    
once     wash    
ask     warm    
friend     always    
school     now    
put     word    
push     world    
pull     been    
full     other    
house     mother    
another     going    
came     goes    
see     gone    
saw     eat    
seen     work    
before     doing    
like     does    
make     done    
made     baby    

Home Learning

Each week a maths and/or literacy activity will be sent out in your child's homework book. I will also send home a copy of the weekly mental maths test completed in class so you can see how your child is progressing. In addition to this your child can also access a variety of online learning programmes at home including Lexia, RMeasimaths, bugclub, activelearn etc avaliable through the links on the school website.


Your usernames and passwords are in your home school diary.

School code - mrtn

Please remember to read at least 3 times a week so your child can move up our Reading Race track.

If you have any questions about this please come and see me.


Times Tables

The whole school focus for February times table:

9x tables

In Class 1 we will focus on consolidating our knowledge of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables:



Spring 1 newsletter: See newsletter folder on main website....



Topic Overview

Please note: there may be amendments, for example, due to time constraints or visits being fully booked/too costly.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

 Summer 1

Summer 2

Topic Title

All About Me

Fire! Fire!

Mother Nature

Katie Morag

We’re Going to the Zoo

Possible Visit & Magic Moments

Clifton Park Museum & Boston Castle/Elsecar Heritage Centre

Visitors – dentist, nurse

Fire Day

Anston Stones

Living Seas Centre, Flamborough

Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Doncaster

Cook a crumble

Go in a fire engine

Watch firefighters put out a fire

Name 5 trees by their leaves

Play hide and seek in the woods

Grow a sunflower

Make a leaf-rubbing

Make a face out of fruit


Dance in a ceilidh

Go to the seaside

Go on a seashore safari

Have a close encounter with a zoo animal

Build a bird box

Make ice lollies











Earl of Effingham

Great Fire of London

James Braidwood

Bonfire Night






UK & Australia

Routes around school grounds

Route to Anston Stones

Anston/Woodsetts features


UK countries and cities


Continents for YWP animals



1) Using programmable toys.

2) Filming the steps of a recipe.

3) Illustrating an eBook.
4) Finding images using the web.
5) Producing a talking book.
6) Creating a card digitally


Klee (faces)

Picasso (faces)Van

Unknown artist ‘Great Fire’ painting 1670s

Gogh ‘Sunflowers’

Cezanne (still life paintings)

Arcimboldo (heads made from fruit & veg)


Andy Goldsworthy (environmental art)


Jonathan Kenworthy (animal statues)


Grimethorpe Colliery Brass Band

Dem Bones

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Handel ‘Music for the Royal Fireworks’

‘London’s Burning’ on recorder


Vivaldi ‘Four Seasons’


Mendelssohn ‘Fingal’s Cave



Myself, Who Am I?

Celebrating Christmas


Stories of Jesus

Stories of Jesus

Stories About Moses

Jewish Celebration

Sacred Place: Church, Synagogue


The Caring School

Feelings, Friends and Friendship

SRE - Keeping Clean

Keeping Myself Safe

Focus on Special People

SRE – Growing and Changing

Keeping Healthy

Growing and Changing

SRE - Families and Care

Growing and Changing (continued)

The World of Drugs

Suggested Books

The Factory Made Boy – Christine Nostlinger

Baby Brains and Robomum – Simon James

Baby Ruby Bawled – Malaika Rose Stanley

The Great Fire of London (poem) – Paul Perro

No Dragons for Tea: Fire Safety for Kids – Jean E Pendziwol

A First Book of Nature – Nicola Davies

Welcome to Bugville – Paul Howard

A Boy and A  Bear in a Boat – Dave Shelton

Katie Morag’s Island Stories – Mairi Hedderwick

More Katie Morag Island Stories – Mairi Hedderwick

The High Street – Alice Melvin

The Gruffalo – Julia Donaldson

This Moose Belongs to Me – Oliver Jeffers

Big Blue Train – Julia Jarman

Big Red Bath – Julia Jarman

Can I Come Too? – Brian Patten


Social Media

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