attendAttendance is important for both your child AND the school. If the school cannot demonstrate that attendance meets national and local targets, then it will reflect poorly in any Ofsted inspection. Please support your child to achieve the highest possible attendance by not taking them on holiday during term time. If you do, you are not only affecting their education, but also the Ofsted rating of the whole school.  We are all one team - let's work collectively for the education of our children.

The School Attendance Policy informs parents / carers about the rules when applying to take leave of absence during term time. The policy is written in accordance with statutory regulations. It is not an entitlement to take a holiday in term time.

No parent can demand leave of absence for the purpose of a family holiday by right. A completed application form must be submitted to the Headteacher in advance of the period of absence. It will only be granted if “exceptional circumstances" exist. (An example of exceptional circumstance is an Armed Services family where the parent in the Armed Services is home on leave). The maximum leave of absence which may be granted in any single academic year is 5 days. Unauthorised leave may be referred to the local authority.