A Warm Welcome!

We are excited about our school and the people in it because at Woodsetts we dare to be different.  We believe that by accepting eachother's quirks and traits and individual gifts we all feel safe, confident, loved and accepted and from that starting point we (learners, teachers and leaders) can soar, in an environment that we co-create to get the best out of every child and member of staff.  Freedom to be ourselves; having some choice and control over our teaching, learning, time and resources; and feeling valued is what is making the difference to our success, performance and happiness in school.

We work together to plan our curriculum and we always assess what everyone knows already so that lessons are fun and full of new, fresh, inspiring learning.  That way children and teachers stay 'switched on' and energised, which is why behaviour in school is so good and learning flows.

We do not shy away from the tricky bits of school life - the getting along with eachother.  If we don't learn these essential life skills in primary school, we'll carry unhelpful habits into our futures, so we embrace mistakes of all kinds. We genuinely believe that they are opportunities sent to sharpen us and help us to grow into rounded, sensible, hard-working, fun-loving adults.

We encourage children and staff to be bold and resilient and believe in themselves so that they can step out of their comfort zone and excel.  We challenge each other to be the best that we can be and give each other a nudge if we are not - this takes courage but we believe that that is what real friends and colleagues do.  The difference is - we do this gracefully and respectfully and not in a way that makes people feel small or judged, because that creates a culture of fear in school and we prefer freedom!

If that is an ethos and environment you haven't seen in a UK school for a long time, then come and visit.  It feels good!

I want to end with our staff.  Our teachers and support staff work tirelessly.  In school, THEY are what make the difference to whether a child succeeds and is happy or not.  We take that responsibility VERY seriously.  We are blessed with a highly skilled team of adults in school and we expect this to be respected, acknowledged and celebrated in a world where people are quick to criticize and offload responsibility.  We encourage, support and serve our staff so that they can feel energised, positive and happy, which is precisely what every child needs and deserves from their teachers every day of their primary years.  It is a WIN WIN situation.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.