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Home Learning

Every Friday the children will be set a task to complete relating, where possible,to the unit of work we have been learning about that week. It will be either sent home or will be allocated on the activelearn website.

Please make sure this is completed by the following Thursday. 

Also, please remember to read your books at least three times a week!

In addition, there will also be a weekly spelling list sent home based upon the sounds we have been exploring in class. Please see the table below to find out what sounds and words the children will be learning in Autumn term 2.



Will be tested on Fridays

Sound Words To Learn
9.4.18 suffix ‘sion’






16.4..18 eigh






23.4.18 le to ly





certain (tricky word).

30.4.18 ey (making ay sound)







7.5.18 various tricky words  
14.4.18 various tricky words  
21.5.18 various tricky words  


 Overview of the year 

Please note: there may be amendments, for example, due to time constraints or visits being fully booked/too costly.

Y3 Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring Summer
Topic Title

Long, Long Ago

(Stone Age)

Ruthless Romans


(War of the Roses/Tudor Explorers)

Possible Visit & Magic Moments Cresswell Crags, Worksop Murton Park, York (Roman day) Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre & Donington le Heath Manor House, Leicester


Magna (Shakespeare Festival)

Explore a cave

Build a den in the woods

Build a campfire

Visit a battlefield

Go barn dancing

Go salsa dancing

Make a life-size head

Live like a Roman

Make a pizza

Make a pancake

Act on stage in front of a large audience

Rocks & Soils


Plants Magnets




Stone Henge

Summer/Winter Solstice

Julius Caesar


Roman Invasion


Scot’s Invasion

Anglo-Saxon Invasion

Richard III

Henry Tudor (Henry VII)

War of the Roses

Princes Imprisoned in Tower

Battle of Bosworth

Sir Walter Raleigh

Christopher Columbus

Sir Francis Drake

Henry VIII

William Shakespeare

Geography Compare counties of UK to tribal map

Countries of GB and Roman Empire

Compare settlements and land use

Routes of Tudor explorers

Drake – Spain and Americas

Compass and 4-figure grid reference

Climate zones

Compare UK and California



1)Programming an animation.
2)Finding and correcting bugs in programs

3)Videoing Performance.

4)Exploring computer networks, including the internet.

5)Communicating safely on the internet.

6)Collecting and analysing data.
Artists/Designers Stone Age rock paintings Roman architecture, focus on the arch

Van Gogh ‘Self-Portrait’

Leonardo da Vinci ‘Mona Lisa’

Rembrandt ‘Self-Portraits’

Holbein ‘Henry VIII’

Frink (head sculptures)

James Burbage (Globe theatre architect)

English folk music

Scarborough Fair

Mozart ‘The Barber of Seville

Puccini ‘Nessun Dorma’ & ‘Si mi chiamano Mimi’

Bizet ‘Habanera’

American and Asian music

Blues composition with lyrics

Prokofiev ‘Romeo and Juliet – Dance of the Knights’

Mendelssohn ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and ‘MND Wedding March’


Tudor music on recorder

RE - Christian Stories: What Makes Jesus an Inspiring Leader? How and why do Hindu People Worship their Gods and Godesses at Home and in the Mandir? Christian Worship: How and Why do some People find Peace and Strength by Belonging to a Church?

The Caring School

Feelings, Friends and Friendships

Loss, Separation and Relationships

SRE - Differences: Male and Female

Keeping Myself Safe

The World of Drugs

Global Citizenship – Human Needs, Human Rights

Rights and Responsibilities

SRE – Personal Space

My Healthy Body – Food and Healthy Eating

My Healthy Body – Taking Responsibility for my Healthy Lifestyle

SRE – Family Differences

Suggested Books

Star Dancer – Beth Webb

The Secrets of Stonehenge – Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom

Soul Eater – Michelle Paver

Fire Dreamer – Beth Webb

Stig of the Dump – Clive King

A Roman Rescue (Part of Charlie and the Bandit Adventure series) – Kelly Gerard

The Romans: Gods, Emperors and Dormice - Marcia Williams

The Time-Travelling Cat and the Roman Eagle – Julia Jarman

The Battle of the Sun – Jeanette Winterson

The Time-Travelling Cat and the Tudor Treasure – Julia Jarman

Shakespeare Plays


Our current topic is...


 This term we will be learning all about the life and works of William Shakespeare. We will also have the incredible opportunity of performing one act of a shakespeare play at the Civic Theatre in Rotherham. Our play is The Tempest and we will be performing on the 12th June 2018.  



Keep scrolling to see our previous topics and learning! 

The Terrible Tudors 

Our topic for this term is the Tudors, with a focus on the War of the Roses and the Battle of Bosworth. We will learn about how the Tudors came to reign England, the various monarchs that ruled and their brutal battles. 


King Richard III in Battle

 Year 3 had a trip to Bosworth Battlefield this week. It was a fantastic day where we had the chance to learn about Richard III and Henry Tudor. We also had the chance to meet a Bosworth soldier and see the weapons he would have used on the battlefield. Have a look at the photos below to see what we got up to! What a fantastic day! Another huge thank you to the parents who came along to help!




Tudor Explorers

Our topic for this term is the Tudors, with focus on ‘Tudor Explorers’.

We will learn about different explorers, such as Francis Drake, Christopher Columbus & Walter Raleigh, their travels and how we have benefitted from their discoveries. We will use maps to look at the countries and continents they visited, as well as the routes they took. 

Image result for tudor explorers

We have had a very exciting term so far! As well as learning about Tudor Explorers we have had a STEM week and a careers day! 



The Ruthless Romans

Our second topic in Class 3 is 'The Ruthless Romans'. This is a history-based topic that will allow us to explore how the Romans lived. We will look at Roman mythology and Gods, as well as exploring how Roman soldiers lived. In addition we will be researching Roman inventions and how they help us in modern life. 


 Related image

 Image result for the romans

 Class 3 had the chance to be Roman soldiers at Murton Park. We signed our contract to enter the army (in Latin), made clay oil lamps, practised our marching and learnt how to fight in battle. What an amazing day we had! And a big thank you to all of the parents who came along to help!

Have a look at our photos below!



Long Long Ago

Our first topic in Class 3 is 'Long Long Ago'. This history-based topic will take us through the following halt term. We will delve into the ‘Stone Age’ and look at the way that our country developed from the use of primitive tools to the discovery of metals and moving through to the ‘Iron Age’. We will learn about their simple ways of life and how they learned to survive by the introduction of farming. We will also learn about the discovery of metal and how this shaped new ways of life and how the development of tools still exists today.

Image result for stone age


Our Trip to Creswell Crags

Class 3 had a fantastic day at Creswell Crags to explore our topic 'Long Long Ago'. We were taught how to search for food, hunt for animals, light fires and how to be 'zooarchaeologists'! We also had the opportunity to explore the caves that stone age and ice age people lived in. How facinating! We aren't so sure we would survive the Stone Age, but we had a fab day. Take a look at our photos to see what fun we had!

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