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Welcome to our Badger Class  website page.

There have been lots of changes this year  and I will try and keep you informed. Thank you for your understanding and support. 

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Awsome Egyptians

3000 years ago, long before the Greeks and Romans came to power, some 'Phantastic Pharoahs reigned over Egypt...

Learn all about Egyptian beliefs, where kings were gods (but were called 'pharoahs') and you could live long as you could pay for it! We get to meet King Tut himself, and investigate his suspicious death! We love to hear about the gruesome things they did to their dead, and the awful way they could treat their slaves, but what about all their incredible inventions, many of which we still use today - Ancient Egyptians: Awful, or Amazing? What do you think?


This is where you will find interesting information, homework help and all sorts of other useful tips. Remember to follow our tweets and see who is reaching for the stars. We all love our learning and strive to do our best. Please do not hestitate to pop  into class for a quick word or to arrange a meeting.



 Autumn Term 2 Sensational Science

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Our Autumn 2 topic is called ‘Sensational Science’.  Our immersion day will be launched with a day of sharing super science demonstrations.We have a science based theme this half term with a focus on the senses. We link our literacy to the topic and have a heavily science based curriculum experimenting with hearing and the digestive system (eaugh!- Nose Plugs to be advised!).





Spring 2 Extreme Exploration

Spring Term 2



Planet Protectors: Extreme Exploration


We are now starting our 'Planet Protectors' topic, that will last us till the end of the year. This term we will be focusing on oceans and mountains, and the brave people that have explored these and other extreme places, like the freezing North and South Poles.




Spring 1 Vicious Vikings

Spring Term 1

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Vicious Vikings?

1000 years ago, the Vikings were coming our way, and it was going to mean trouble...


Meet Eric The Red, a viking king who earnt his name for more than his blood red beard. Vikings are known for this violent success, fighting their way across Europe and defeating all in their path. We look deeper and find that they were also great farmers, inventors, and brave sailers and traders. Vicious Vikings? You decide.




Viking or Saxon Warrior

  • A long sleeved, oversize plain T-shirt, any colour but muted ones are best. Borrow your dad’s or big brother’s.
  • A thin belt, leather or fabric. A plain tie-belt from a dressing gown will do at a push.
  • A pair of plain dark leggings or jogging bottoms
  • Plain dark shoes or short boots

Viking Villager

  • A plain coloured long dress or top and skirt
  • A plain long tabard-style apron (this can just be a rectangle of fabric with a hole cut in it for the head), or at a push, a plain kitchen apron.
  • A thin belt
  • A pair of round or oval badges or brooches, one to be worn on each side of the chest just below the collar bone
  • A string of beads to hang between the two brooches
  • Plain dark shoes or short boots
  • Hair plaited in a single plait at the back

Anglo Saxon Villager

  • As above, but without the tabard/apron dress and brooches. The beads can be worn as a necklace instead.
  • A plain headscarf


Y4 VV HW18jpg


As well as practising number bonds, times tables, reading, and spelling, choose some of these.













We loved our day at the Museum, we met a real life mummy, Azrul. Choosing items to go in her Sarcophagus was very exciting.

Autumn Term 1 - Awesome Egyptians

3000 years ag, long before the Greeks and Romans came to power, some 'Phantastic Pharoahs' reigned over Egypt.........

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Thursday 7th and Friday 8th   September 2017  Immersion Day  

We travelled  back in time and came to school dressed as Ancient Egyptians. You looked so amazing!

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Children have their personal log and password in their  homework diaries.

Please log onto

Login Woodsetts Password circle

Then log into the Portal with personal log (digits) and password (letters)







Please learn your spellings. You will be tested every Friday. What could the five mystery words be? Good luck everyone!

The words in red are the year 4 tricky words.


  Summer  2

Please learn the tricky words in your homework folders.



 Spring 1

Please learn the tricky words in your homework folders.

Week 1 Rule il prefix - not for 'l'words

illegal illiterate illegible purpose quarter

Week 2 Rule prefix im - not for 'm' 'p' words

impossible immobile immovable minute question

Week 3  Rule prefix ir - not for 'r'words

irrational  irresponsible  irresistable  recent  regular

Week 4  Rule prefix 'ation'words change verbs to nouns

animate- animation prepare-preparation adore adoration reign remember

Week 5  Rule prefix 'ally'words change to adjectives to adverbs

                          critic - critical - critically 

physic-physical-physically   medic - medical- medically sentence separate

Autumn 2 Spellings 

Please learn the tricky words in your homework folders.


Week 2 antiseptic anticlimax antisocial possess possession possible

Week 3 automatic autobiography  autograph  potatoes pressure

Week 4 inedible inaudible inaccurate probably promise 



Autumn 1 Spellings 

Please learn the tricky words in your homework folders.

Week 1-No spellings 

Week 2- Tricky word testing

Week 3 -begin beginner forgot forgotten control controlled rob robber garden gardening 

Week 4 - listen listened appear appeared question questioning cancel cancelling run runner

Week 5 - myth gym Egypt pyramid mystery

Week 6 -  young double touch often opposite 

Week 7 -  subdivide subheading submarine ordinary particular

Week 8 - interconnect international interrupt peculiar perhaps






Percy Parker Tables


September  5 x tables 

October  10 x tables

November  11 x tables

December 3 x tables

January  6 x tables

February 9 x tables

March 12 x tables

April 2 x tables

May 4 x tables

June 8 x tables

July 7 x tables



Year 3 Words

Accident, accidentally, actual, actually, address, answer, appear, arrive, believe, bicycle, breath, breathe, build, busy/business, calendar, caught, centre, century, certain, circle, complete, consider, continue, decide, describe, different, difficult, disappear, early, earth, eighth, exercise, experience, experiment, extreme, famous, favourite, February, forward, fruit, grammar, group, guard, guide, heart, height, history, imagine, increase, important, interest, island.

Year 4 Words

Knowledge, learn, length, library, material, medicine, mention, minute, natural, naughty, notice, occasion, occasionally, opposite, ordinary, particular, perhaps, popular, position, possess, possession, possible, potatoes, pressure, probably, promise, purpose, quarter, question, recent, regular, reign, remember, sentence, separate, special, straight, strange, strength, suppose, surprise, therefore, though, although, thought, through, various, weight.


Autumn Term 2 - Sensational Science 

Do you have your costume ready?






Do you have an exciting science demonstration to share with the class?



Make your own musical instrument

(10++ points)


Find out what ‘vibration’ means

(5 points)


Write some instructions on how to make an instrument

(15 points)


Write how each instrument makes sound-what vibrates

(5 points each)

Sensational Senses

Write a biography about Helen Keller

(30 points)


Write a report about teeth: Incisors, molars, and canines.

(20 points)


Write diary entry of someone who is deaf.

(20 points)


With your eyes closed, draw/paint a picture.

(10 points)


Want to do your own sound project? Go for it!

( ? Points)

Sensational Senses Homework Projects

As well as practicing number bonds to 20 and times tables, reading books, Bugclub, Lexia, RM Maths Mymaths, and spelling,



We have a science based theme this half term with a focus on the senses. We  link our literacy to the topic and have a heavily science based curriculum experimenting with hearing and the digestive system (eaugh!- nose plugs to be advised!).

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Autumn Term 1 - Awful Egyptians

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The world we live in uses electricity for nearly everything we do, and this is causing all sorts of problems. This Term we're looking at how our love of electricity is destroying our world, and the amazing things that are being done to protect the planet!


Year 4 Topic Overview

Please note: there may be amendments, for example, due to time constraints or visits being fully booked/too costly.



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Topic Title

Awesome Egyptians

Sensational Science

Vicious Vikings


Planet Protectors

Extreme Exploration

Save the Rainforest

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Possible Visit & Magic Moments

The University of Manchester, Manchester Museum


Jorvik Viking Centre, York

Tropical World, Leeds

Carsington Water

Write in hieroglyphs


Solve an Egyptian raided tomb quest

Sit on a tongue

Take part in a Viking raid

Uncover objects in an archaeological dig


Take part in a

conservation event


Make something

using electricity





Living Things



Materials & Changing State




Howard Carter

Helen Keller

Viking Invasion

Alfred the Great


Edward the Confessor


Exxon Valdez Oil Spillage




Famous rivers

River Thames

River Nile

Compass and 4-figure grid reference

Where does food come from?

Food to Fork

Countries of Vikings and Anglo-Saxons

Compare counties to Danelaw Britain


GMT and time zones

Climate zones, biomes and

vegetation belts

Famous mountains

Climate change –polar region

Tropical region –conservation of rainforest

Pollution  and alternative energy

Water cycle


Equator and Tropics

of Cancer and Capricorn


ICT We are Game Designers. We are Musicians We are Co-Authors

We are Web Designers

We are Meteorologists

We are Video Editors


Egyptian art & hieroglyphs

Warhol (faces)

Viking jewellery

Rousseau (animals in rainforest paintings)

Monet ‘Waterlillies’

Turner (seascapes)


Andrew Lloyd Webber ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’

‘Any Dream Will Do’ on recorder

Benjamin Britten ‘The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra’

Wagner ‘Ride of the Valkyries’

Grieg ‘Hall of the Mountain King’


Grieg ‘Morning’

Roscar environment

animation composition

Prokofiev ‘Peter and the Wolf’



Christian and Hindu answers to questions: What is God like? What matters most in life? What happens when we die?


How do Christians and Hindus use art, buildings, symbols and music in worship and community life?


Christian Values:  What matters most to Christians and what matters most to me?


The Caring School


Feelings, Friends and Friendship

Respecting the Differences Between People


How do Rules and Laws Affect Me?

SRE – Growing and Changing

My Healthy Body: Caring for my Body


The World of Drugs

SRE – What is Puberty?

Environmental Sustainability


Keeping Myself Safe

SRE – Puberty Changes

and Reproduction

Suggested Books

An Egyptian Escape – K A Gerrard

Ancient Egypt: Tales of Gods and Pharaohs – Marcia Williams

Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll: Secret Agent Zet series – Scott Peters

The Time-Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess – Julia Jarman

The Mummified Daddy Chronicles – M J Taylor

A Kid’s Guide to Helen Keller - eKids

Archie the Guide Dog Puppy: Hero in Training – Samantha Hay

Viking Boy – Tony Bradman

The Saga of Erik the Viking – Terry Jones

The Sword of the Viking King – Terry Deary

The Eye of the Viking God – Terry Deary

The Lost Diary of Erik Bloodaxe, Viking Warrior – Steve Barlow

Beowulf – Michael Morpurgo


Whale Boy – Nicola Davies

The Abominables –Eva Ibbotson

Can We Save the Tiger? – Martin Jenkins

Flood Child – Emily Diamond

Stories for a Fragile Planet – Kenneth Steven

Under the Weather – Tony Bradman

The Great Paper Caper – Oliver Jeffers

Journey to the River Sea – Eva Ibbotson


1.) inedible

2.) inaccurate

3.) inaudible

4.) probably

5.) promise






Social Media

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